We understand that surrogacy is a costly journey and our mission is to try and make surrogacy as simple, transparent and affordable as possible, without any unforeseen surprises. We have designed unique surrogacy programs for you. We can further customize these to cater to your needs and preferences.

Los Angeles-based Surrogacy

Los Angeles Surrogacy has been working with HRC Fertility for many years with great success. We have a close relationship with Dr. Michael Feinman at HRC Fertility who provides IVF and embryo transfers to our surrogates. HRC Fertility is world-renowned infertility research center. Their team of doctors are responsible for creating families for thousands of people. We ensure your surrogate is properly screened according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine guidelines.

If you are comfortable working with your own clinic or doctor in California, we will be more than happy to coordinate and work with them.

Once you are ready to move forward, we will screen and prepare your surrogate for her embryo transfer. If you require an egg donor, we can introduce you to some donor agencies that we work with. If you already have embryos at another clinic, we can help facilitate shipments and transfers.

Los Angeles Surrogacy Cross-border Surrogacy Program

For over five years, Mexico was the leader in international surrogacy until surrogacy was banned in 2015. Thousands of babies were born through surrogacy programs in Mexico and the clinics were achieving excellent success rates. Having experienced this, we have taken the success of the Mexico-based fertility program and incorporated it into our cross-border program.This program caters to individuals, couples and intended parents wanting to start a family but are on a more limited budget. We have partnered with Fertility Center Cancun to offer the options of having the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, egg retrieval and/or the embryo transfer done in Mexico by an experienced team of fertility doctors. Fertility Center Cancun also has a library of beautiful egg donors that you can select from.  

To facilitate this, we will prepare your surrogate at HRC Fertility and then fly her to Mexico for the embryo transfer. After the transfer, she will be on bedrest for a few days and then return to the United States to carry out the pregnancy. Our US-based OB-GYN physicians will manage her pre-natal consults up to delivery of the baby.



Steps to becoming a parent with Los Angeles Surrogacy

STEP 1: Reach out to us

Schedule a call with Los Angeles Surrogacy or take a moment and visit the “contact us” section on our website. We will respond to you within a few hours to schedule a call with one of our surrogacy experts. Our surrogacy expert will get to know you, your needs, your preferences and answer any questions you may have.


STEP 2: Agency Agreement

Once you have made your decision to work with us, our legal experts will prepare the contract that outlines and describes the entire surrogacy process.


STEP 3: Finding your surrogate mother

Once you sign our agency agreement, we will to match you with a surrogate. We realize this is one of the most difficult steps. Los Angeles Surrogacy’s team will help find the surrogate most suitable for you.


STEP 4: Surrogate screening

Once you have been matched with your surrogate mother, she will undergo a psychological screening. She will also undergo a gynecological medical screening. The purpose of this is to ensure that she is mentally and physically fit to carry your baby and rule out any unforeseen problems.


STEP 5: Legal contracts

Once your surrogate candidate is medically cleared, we are ready to prepare all the legal documents. We will team you up with one of our legal professionals who will draft the surrogacy contract between you and the surrogate. California law also requires that the surrogate have their own legal representation to review the contract with them so they fully understand their commitment obligations.


STEP 6: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) & Surrogate preparation

Once legal clearance is issued for your surrogate, it’s now time to prepare her endometrium lining for the embryo transfer.  Depending on the doctor’s protocol, the surrogate preparation can take two weeks to a month. If you require an egg donor, we will be more than happy to introduce you to some great egg donor agencies that we work with or coordinate with the egg donor company you have selected.

Congratulations, your surrogate is pregnant!

Los Angeles Surrogacy works with some of the most talented fertility doctors in the world with success rates averaging in the 75% success range for first attempt.


STEP 7: Preparing for the birth of your baby

Now that you’re eagerly awaiting the birth of your baby, our legal experts will begin preparing the necessary pre-birth order documents.