Los Angeles Surrogacy is a team of surrogacy experts and advisors dedicated to matching surrogate mothers with couples or individuals who need help fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. For many years, our surrogacy team worked with international destinations that offered commercial surrogacy such as India, Thailand and Mexico. However, over time, these countries have all changed their laws surrounding surrogacy. Recognizing that the US is the primary destination for surrogacy and pulling from experience being in the industry for several years, Los Angeles Surrogacy focused on building unique and affordable surrogacy program that can be customized for each and every intended parent. We have also designed an exclusive cross-border surrogacy program to make it more affordable for intended parents who are on a tight budget.

Our team understands that surrogacy can be very costly and emotionally draining so we are committed to making this process simple, transparent and personalized. We have partnered with reputable fertility clinics, qualified physicians, fertility experts, and legal professionals to provide our clients with the best advice and experience as you embark on this journey.



Los Angeles Surrogacy customizes surrogacy options for each and every intended parent. We have eliminated some of the unnecessary fees that other agencies charge and reduced the costs of procedures. We have personally negotiated with expert physicians and legal experts in the field for exclusive pricing. We will also work with any fertility clinic or doctor of your choice.

Our team is involved with the pregnancy throughout the entire process. We charge a one-time agency fee to manage your surrogacy case from start to baby, which includes facilitating and overseeing surrogate recruitment, surrogate psychological evaluation, surrogate medical screening and preparation. We will also coordinate and assist with egg donor recruitment with cases that need use of an egg donor. Our team of medical experts follow the guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) to ensure you have the most qualified surrogate possible. We also help coordinate the legal process, the pregnancy and birth according to California law.

We guarantee personalized service and ensure that we will provide you the much needed guidance and support throughout your journey to becoming a parent.


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