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Los Angeles Surrogacy can save up to 50% from the current cost of existing surrogacy programs in the United States.

We have partnered with the best doctors and clinics in Mexico and California giving way to some of the highest success rates in the industry. Our program is built around your specific needs, from egg donation to your baby’s birth in the United States.


Let us break it down for you how we are able to offer you this unique affordable package:

  • We have eliminated the surrogate agency fee which can cost approximately $18,000 and up.
  • We have eliminated the egg donor agency fee which can cost in excess of $8,000 before you even start the process.
  • IVF in the United States can cost as much at $20,000 per cycle. Instead of having to pay the high prices for IVF domestically, the procedure will be done with Fertility Center Cancun (FCC). Fertility Center Cancun has a notable record of success rates that match top clinics in the United States. IVF procedure with FCC will save over 70% of the cost in the US.
  • Los Angeles Surrogacy offers a one-time case management fee that includes recruitment of your surrogate, recruitment of your egg donor, coordination of your IVF cycle and managing your pregnancy from start to baby, no matter how long it takes.
Los Angeles Surrogacy is a boutique surrogacy agency. We will only take a limited number of clients per month to ensure the highest level of customer service. We strictly adhere to California surrogacy law and all of your surrogacy funds are securely held in escrow to ensure your money is properly distributed throughout your pregnancy.

The surrogate mothers will receive pre-natal care and monitoring by an excellent and experienced OB-GYN physician. All births will take place in Los Angeles, California. For international clients, your baby will receive American citizenship.

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